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Defuses the underlying source of pain and discomfort in joints - inflammation - with Synodrin.

Keep Moving Pain Free!

Keep Moving Pain Free!

Synodrin Complete Joint Health


This lidocaine topical is amazing! I have chronic low back pain and this works great to help ease some of the discomfort. My mom tried it and loves it as well. Great product!!


Best pain relief for arthritis and low back pain and knee pain have been purchasing this gel for a year and can't be without. It makes me feel like I have a better quality of life.


I use this product everyday and it has worked in reducing my knee pain!


I personally love Synodrin!! I had an ACL surgery 5 years ago and i tried many creams, but thanks to synodrin cream and capsules, i was able to complete my first marathon two year ago and my first dopey challenge (48.6 miles) last weekend! I recommend this product to all my friends and family and they love it!! Thank u for such amazing products!!


I've been using this gel before and after I run. I use it on my knees and really appreciate the warming sensation, it lasts a long time!


I saw this and decided to try it b/c the price was much less than many products like this. It has helped so much. Not with just the pain but I have noticed I am steadier on my feet when I get out of bed and when I get out of the recliner. I am doing more activities that require walking and I know the product has helped to increase my mobility.



What is Immunodrin - Omega-5?

Immunodrin® is our proprietary blend of cetylated fatty acids / cetyl myristoleate (CMO), a powerful Omega-5 which has been proven to reduce inflammation and also works as an immune system modulator. Cetyl Myristoleate is a unique and natural esterified fatty acid that has several properties that make it effective as an anti-inflammatory and an immune system modulator. It has been shown to soothe joints and been often called the lubricant for joints because of its lubricating qualities. 

What ingredients are in Synodrin?

Our products are the most complete and effective joint supplement currently available on the market. They all include the key ingredient called Immunodrin® which works synergistically with the other ingredients.  Our Triple Action formula contains glucosamine, turmeric and boswellia extract as well as hyaluronic acid and black pepper extract to effectively promote healthier joints.

Is Synodrin Safe?

Synodrin uses only carefully sourced ingredients of only the highest quality to insure maximum safety and potency.  Thousands of customers benefit from Synodrin each and every day.

How fast does Synodrin work?

Synodrin starts working immediately by targeting the inflammation and damaged cartilage. You should have better joints in just one week, with more lubrication and less inflammation. To experience the full benefits of our system, strengthening, rebuilding, and lubricating your joints, we recommend using the products for three months minimum. 

Are your testimonials real?

All individuals featured on our webpage are real people who have experienced real success using Synodrin.