Even Cushioned Running Shoes Cause Joint Pain; Synodrin Provides Relief December 06 2013

A study conducted by the University of Virginia discovered that running shoes currently on the market may actually put more strain on your joints than if you were to run barefoot. Now, we are all probably aware that walking around in high-heeled shoes can cause joint pain in the knees, hips and ankles; but running shoe issues must be a bit of a surprise. You might conclude that with the available technology and the latest cushioning and the fact they are so lightweight that running shoes wouldn't be the cause of joint pain.


During those heated summer months, we have no doubt many of you slip your feet into those comfortable flip-flops. Unfortunately, this type of footwear is also responsible for joint pain. It seems that when you bunch up your toes to keep the flip-flops from coming off, it makes it impossible to flex your arch in a normal manner. This, in turn, makes it more difficult to push off with each step. Basically, it forces your knees and hips to absorb more impact, resulting in possible joint pain.


So, the answer to these problems would lead to the logical conclusion that we should just walk around barefoot. Unfortunately, there has been studies that indicate this too causes possible joint pain. Sometimes, there is just no way to avoid joint pain. Whether your shoes, or everyday activities are putting strain on your joints, Synodrin is a unique joint action formula designed to support and sustain joint health function.  So for relief from your joint pain, visit our website and read why Synodrin is the best joint supplement on the market.