Get Joint Pain Relief From Synodrin’s Complete Joint Rehab Lotion January 02 2014

Imagine being able to find joint pain relief from a soothing lotion! That’s what you get when you use Synodrin’s Complete Joint Rehab Lotion. We created this lotion to penetrate the skin and soak into joints quickly. The ingredients have been carefully formulated for optimum effectiveness, so you’ll get the maximum benefit with every use. Just use this lotion on your joints 3 to 4 times a day and massage it in. The lotion smells like fresh citrus, but the smell will dissipate as you work the formula into your skin. You’ll get all the benefits, but no medicinal smell to ruin your day.

You’ll begin to experience joint pain relief right away. The lotion will also help lubricate your joints and increase your range of motion and mobility. Imagine being able to get up and down like you used to--without the achy, creaking joints slowing you down. That’s what Synodrin can do for you! Place your order today and we’ll get your lotion out to you as soon as possible. Order enough for yourself and to give some as a gift--we’ll give you free shipping on orders over $49. That way you and your loved ones can all experience joint pain relief!