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Reduce Cold-Weather Joint Pain with Our Joint Support Supplements

It’s been a cold winter, and there are no promises it will be easing up any time soon. As the polar vortex wrecked havoc on much of the United States, joint pain sufferers dealt with more than plunging temperatures.

Many joint pain sufferers report feeling an increase in pain during cold weather. This is probably caused by an increase in the barometric pressure, which can cause joints to inflame more. So when the temperatures drop like they have been, arthritis and joint pain sufferers feel every degree.

We have a lot of winter left this year, and the cold weather looks like it’s here to stay for a while throughout much of the United States. That means many more days of joint pain in your future.

You aren’t stuck with suffering through it, though, and you don’t have to shell out a bunch of money for a ticket to warmer locales. Order Synodrin® joint support supplements and topical pain relief gel and lidocaine pain relief cream and get a powerful combination that can help you eliminate joint pain and feel better during these cold winter months.

Our supplements will work to build long-term relief in your joints while the lotion provides immediate on-the-spot relief. It works on all of your sore joints, including hands, knees, shoulders, elbow, and more. When used together, our products provide a strong dose of anti-inflammatory ingredients and joint strengthening nutrients to heal and restore joint lubrication. Sign up for our monthly delivery service and ensure that you never run out of your favorite joint support supplement!

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