Arthritis Doesn’t Just Happen to Seniors! Our Joint Support Supplements Can Help All Ages March 07 2014

When you think about arthritis, you probably picture older people as the sufferers, but that isn’t always the case. While osteoarthritis generally affects the older population because it is a degenerative disease that comes on with age, there are many other arthritis types that can affect younger people--even children. These are often autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, but the symptoms are generally the same. Many people are embarrassed that they are suffering from a problem generally associated with people much older than them. Don’t be embarrassed--get the help you need!

Our joint support supplements are safe for people of all ages. So no matter if you are older and suffering from the common issues of osteoarthritis, or if your child is suffering from an autoimmune disease attacking their joints, give our supplements a chance to help. Our supplements are packed with ingredients like cetyl myristoleate, hyaluronic acid, turmeric and boswellia extracts, and more. Each ingredient was carefully chosen for its healing and restorative properties in the joints, giving your joints the help they need to feel better, no matter the cause or your age.

No matter how old you are, you can get back to enjoying the activities you love--we’ll help you get there! You can place an order for our joint support supplements on our website. Combine the supplements with our lotion to get even faster results than you would with the supplements alone. You can order them together for even bigger savings and free shipping. Experience the Synodrin difference for yourself!