Joint Pain Relief For the 360 Joints In Your Body

You have about 360 joints in your body. A joint is technically defined as a point where two bones come together, so some joints (like the ones in your skulls) don’t actually move. These fixed-state joints aren’t what we normally think of when we think about our joints. More commonly, we think about ball-and-socket joints like our shoulders, the gliding joints of our ankles and wrists, or the hinge joints of our knees. There are also condyloid joints like our fingers, pivot joints in our neck, and saddle joints in our thumbs.

With all of this movement happening in our body, it is no wonder that sometimes things go wrong. All those moving parts need to be well maintained and well lubricated to continue working well. As we get older, the natural cushioning of our joints breaks down and leave us vulnerable to joint pain and stiffness. Our joint pain relief products are made to help your joints feel and work better, no matter if they are hinge, pivot, glide, or any other type of joint. That means our products work on your fingers, knees, back, and more to relieve discomfort and give you back your range of motion.

Protect each one of your joints with the help of Synodrin. Our supplements and lotion will work to give your joints a double dose of helpful all-natural ingredients that lubricate your joints and ease stiffness. Take advantage of our automatic shipment program and get free shipping on every order!

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