Pain Relief for Arthritis: Are You Putting Yourself at Higher Risk for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

While the causes of rheumatoid arthritis aren’t entirely known, most researchers are in agreement that at least half of the cause is genetic. That means if you have a relative with RA, you are at a higher risk for developing it yourself.

However, researchers are finding that certain lifestyle choices could increase your risk for RA and send you looking for pain relief for arthritis.

A recent study from Sweden found that combining two lifestyle factors can greatly increase the risk of RA. Those two factors were smoking and a high sodium intake.

Smoking alone increased the risk, but combining smoking with high sodium were twice as likely to develop RA than those with a low-sodium diet.

If you are at risk for developing RA, take steps to prevent this autoimmune disease from taking over your life. Stop smoking, Cut out the salt. And start taking Synodrin supplements, packed with ingredients that are especially chosen for pain relief for arthritis.

Taking Synodrin joint supplements can help naturally increase the synovial fluids in your joints, which help you move without stiffness or pain.

Synodrin supplements are available right now on our website, and you can place an order today. That way you’ll never have to worry about running out of our joint pain relief supplements!

Be proactive about your joint health and start a Synodrin regimen today.

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