Joint Support Supplements May Beat Out Medical Devices For Joint Pain Relief October 15 2014

Could our joint support supplements beat out some of the latest joint replacement devices on the market for pain relief? An article came out recently in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) stating that some of the newest joint replacement devices on the market could be posing more risk than benefit to patients when compared to older devices. The doctor who wrote the article, Dr. Nieuwenhuijse, believe that new devices are rushed to the market and presented to consumers as the latest and greatest way to alleviate their joint pain, when that might not actually be true. This article is raising some concerns about whether doctors should be using new devices before they’ve been proven to be more effective than older devices for patients.

For those dealing with joint pain, that’s a disappointing article. We take for granted that the medical community is looking out for our best interests, and if we’re told that a joint replacement device will help us with our painful joint problems we want to believe it--but maybe you shouldn’t. You aren’t without other options when it comes to helping your joints and finding pain relief. Our joint support supplements are packed with all-natural ingredients that have helped people just like you recover range of motion and pain-free movement in their joints.

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