5 Gifts for Spoonies November 30 2017

Is there someone in your life who suffers from chronic illness? People who suffer from chronic pain often feel misunderstood and alone. A thoughtful gift can mean much more than relief. Consider these ideas as gifts and they will thank you!

1. Heated Neck Warmers - There are different varieties of these. Some are microwavable, some are battery powered. Doctors say that moisture with heat can improve the relief given, so you might even consider just giving a "relief kit" of epsom salts, a towel to roll up and instructions printed on decorative paper. Soak the towel in water and epsom salts and microwave at 15 second intervals until warm, then wrap. 

2. Body Pillow - A body pillow to keep between the knees and sleep with can help some patients. It can relieve pressure from their joints and serve as a virtual hug from a loved one at the same time!

3. Herbal Tea Basket - Many herbal teas promote sleep and green tea, with its antioxidant properties, can give a boost to your body's immune system. Try a mix of teas and a pretty tea cup or tea pot for a perfect gift!

4. Kindle or other e-reader - When moving is difficult, an e-reader can be a blessing, offering much needed opportunity for distraction and comfort. A low cost tablet can be as effective as an e-reader since the applications are available on Android or iOS. 

5. A Synodrin® Gift Basket - Fill with our Triple Action Formula and several tubes of our Topical Pain Relief gel for maximum comfort. You can even gift a subscription and keep the relief flowing year round! Pair with a dark chocolate treat and a package of green tea for extra "wow."

Whether you give the special person in your life with an item that will relieve their pain, or just write an encouraging note on their card, know that your support and encouragement matters and will be remembered and appreciated for years to come.