Simple Life Hacks to Help with Joint Pain December 15 2017

Long term pain can be frustrating.

Things that are simple for other people? You have to weigh whether its worth doing. We understand. Every little movement hurts. So take some pressure off. We've put together a list of tricks, tips and hacks that can help you to sidestep common daily issues and support your body. 

Tennis Ball Trick

Have trouble holding onto your toothbrush? Cut a small slit in a tennis ball, and insert the end of your utensil. The ball makes these thin objects much easier for painful hands to grip. It might look silly, but it will help relieve stress from your hands.

Hot Shower

Hydrotherapy isn't difficult. It involves heat and water. If you don't own a hot tub, don't worry, you can still find some joint pain relief. Taking a hot shower before you start. That way, you’ll loosen up your muscles and joints, so that you’ll be more comfortable —and less likely to have pain! This is especially effective if you're going to exercise! You are exercising, right?


Ginger tea can soothe your joints topically. Soak a washcloth in a cup of hot ginger tea, wring out the excess liquid, and apply the wet cloth directly to the joint. Ginger improves blood circulation, and the heat will help the joint move with less pain.

Support your Synovial Fluid

Most of the joints in your body are synovial joints. include the knee, hip and the shoulder. The synovial fluid between your joints has four important functions, all made possible mostly by one key ingredient. This ingredient is hyaluronan (HA). It performs the following:

  • lubricates the joint, helping it to work freely and easily
  • acts as a cushion between the joints, adding space between them and protecting cartilage from wear and tear
  • absorbs shocks and protects the cartilage
  • filters out substances, allowing nutrients reach the cartilage

Depending on the type of joint pain you have, supporting your synovial fluid health will have an impact on your flare-ups. You can do this with diet, exercise  and supplements. Make one or two of these changes in your diet and journal to record your daily pain levels. Tracking them can help you to figure out what works and what does not. 

  • Drink lots of filtered water to detoxify your body.
  • Retain important nutrients in your food by steaming it.
  • Keep active to stop joints from becoming stiff. Consider water exercises for lower impact on your joints.
  • Eat oily fish regularly to benefit from Omega 3 and 6. Don't like fish? Take a fish oil supplement!
  • Fresh pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme that has a role in reducing joint inflammation. Eating more of it can help you and support your joints.
  • Prepare magnesium-rich foods for regular consumption like apples, pears, peaches, melons, avocados, bananas and tomatoes. 
  • Finally, try Synodrin® which contains HA, and 5 other key ingredients that support your synovial fluid, all in one easy supplement. 

There is no magic bullet to heal all joint pain, but hopefully these tips will help. Let us know if one works especially well for you or if you have other helpful tips! We're happy to add to this list!