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Young Adults and RA - "But you don't look sick" August 25 2016

Young people everywhere have the same mentality that health issues are something that they won’t have to worry about for years to come. Many diseases can affect the young, and one of the most unexpected of those diseases is rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The truth is that 1.3 million Americans with rheumatoid arthritis are young adults from 18 to 40. 

Young Women are more likely than Young Men to develop RA

The Mayo Clinic reports that  1 in 400 to 1 in 500 women in their 20s and probably closer to 1 in 1,000 or less in men [in their 20s]. The peak age of onset is in the mid-50s. The disorder inflames and then destroys up the lining of their joints and silently ravages their eyes and scars their lungs. It can also result in damage to the heart. However many young people are in denial about their condition. 

"But you don't look sick"

An RA diagnosis at a young age can be difficult to swallow, resulting in a delay in pursuing treatment. You might think of your grandmother's gnarled hands and be afraid. You might go into denial or avoidance. You might think the pain isn't important or minimize your symptoms before they become acute. 

At Synodrin, we are passionate about helping to alleviate the effects of this chronic condition. We also hope to work with those afflicted with RA and raise awareness about RA in general. One of the things we hear RA patients, especially young people with Rheumatoid Arthritis, say so often is that people tell them, "You don't look sick." This leads to young people diagnosed with RA to feel unheard, and to feel as if their pain isn't important. 

The younger you are when diagnosed, the more at risk you are for damage to your body from the disease. Because RA causes joint pain, it can make it a lot more difficult to stay active, which can cause you to gain weight, and leave you at a higher risk for other diseases, like Diabetes or heart disease.  Treating your pain matters more than you know. 

At Synodrin, we want to help. Synodrin is one of the best joint relief supplements on the market, and it can provide you with the pain relief that you need to remain active and experience the highest quality of life possible. We do this by packing high quality ingredients into our products, with no additives or fillers. Our all-natural ingredients work to fight inflammation and to rebuild, strengthen and lubricate joints. Our supplements can be taken in tandem with prescription medications.

Although many young people don't think they are at risk for the health issues of older adults, they need to be aware of their possible risk for RA and seek treatment if they experience symptoms. If you are diagnosed with RA at a young age, it doesn’t mean that your life is over. You can find the pain relief that you need to get your life back with the help of Synodrin. Find out if Synodrin is right for you by talking to your doctor about it today. Try a sample for yourself. Have questions or concerns about our joint support supplements? Feel free to give us a call. Most of all, don't minimize your pain. Take action today.

5 Exercises That Can Ease Joint Pain December 23 2014

Exercising regularly while taking a joint support supplement, is a winning combination that can help to ease your pain. Having a more active lifestyle in general can make a big difference, but there are some types of exercise that can yield bigger results when it comes to joint pain. The following is a list of the top 5 exercises that can ease joint pain:


1.    Yoga- A study conducted by Johns Hopkins University found that rheumatoid arthritis patients that practiced yoga, had fewer instances of swollen or tender joints than the patients who didn’t practice yoga. 

2.    Water-based exercises- Exercising in water, such as swimming or water aerobics, not only helps to improve tenderness and range of motion in your joints, but it can also improve your well-being as a whole!

3.    Tai Chi- Practicing Tai Chi has been shown to improve the way that your muscles function around your joints, along with reducing pain and stiffness. There are even Tai Chi exercises out there that are specifically designed for people with arthritis.

4.    Cycling-  Riding a bicycle is a great, low-impact way to get your heart pumping. Biking is not only great for your cardiovascular health, but it can reduce joint stiffness and slow the progression of rheumatoid arthritis.

5.    Walking- Walking is so easy, and it is great for your joints and your health a whole. Walking helps to loosen up the joints and it can even help to reduce pain!


You don’t have to become a marathoner to start reaping the benefits of exercise! Just get out there and get moving!

Can Turmeric Really Help with Joint Pain? December 04 2014

Turmeric is one of the high quality ingredients that we use. You may be wondering what a spice that is commonly found in Asian dishes and curry is doing in a joint supplement. The answer is a simple one, studies have shown that curcumin, the ingredient in turmeric that gives it its golden color, has been shown to provide relief for pain and increase joint function.

Turmeric has been shown to be an effective, all-natural alternative to other drugs that can alleviate joint discomfort, like ibuprofen, and even some doctors are starting to take notice. It used to be that natural drug alternatives were dismissed immediately by doctors everywhere, but turmeric and other supplements like it, are starting to change that reputation. There are even reports that say that many doctors have started to suggest alternative medicines for their patients at higher rate than ever before.

Many people are aware that turmeric is found in curry and South Asian dishes, but not many people realize that it is actually an effective alternative to ibuprofen for treating joint pain! If you want to learn more about turmeric and the high quality ingredients that we put into our joint support supplements, please visit our site today! Have questions or concerns? Don’t hesitate to give us a call, because we are always happy to help however we can!

Get a Money-Back Guarantee on the Best Joint Relief Supplements October 23 2014

We know that it can be frustrating trying to find the best joint relief supplements. With so many products on the market, how do you know which one is actually going to help and which ones are just out to make a quick buck on your painful symptoms? One thing you can look for is who stands behind their products with a money back guarantee. That indicates that a company really believes in their products and they are willing to stand behind them, refunding your money if you aren’t totally satisfied.

We’re a company who is doing just that. Synodrin offers a money back guarantee on our joint relief supplements, so you can try our products worry-free. This guarantee is good for 60 days from the time you purchase the product, giving you ample opportunity to try our supplements and lotions and experience the difference they make for your joint pain. If you aren’t totally satisfied with your purchase, give us a call. We’ll make arrangements for you to return the unused portion of your order and refund your money.

Now you can try the best joint relief supplements without worrying that you are throwing your money away. We know you are going to love our products, though, and we can’t wait to hear from you after you’ve been using them for a while. Drop us a line and let us know how they are working for you! If you aren’t happy, we’ll make it right. If you love them, you can sign up for our Auto Ship Discount Club and never run out of the best joint relief supplements again!

What the Reviews Have to Say About Our Joint Support Supplements October 22 2014

One of the best ways to discover the truth about a product is to read the reviews left by customers who have used it themselves. The internet has made it easy for people to share their opinions about the products they purchase, including Synodrin. We receive emails and letters on a daily basis from our customers telling us what they love about our joint support supplements. It’s a great reminder that we aren’t just making a product--we’re making something that’s changing lives!

You can read reviews about our joint support supplements right on our website. We love the comment from Chris S. in Chicago, saying that he was impressed with both the effectiveness of our products as well as the price. He said that our product is working better and costing less than the product he had been previously using. We hope that other people can experience this for themselves, and get joint support supplements that actually work without draining their bank account.

There are tons of other great reviews, and if you are thinking about purchasing Synodrin for yourself or a loved one, we encourage you to take a few minutes to read through these reviews and hear more comments from our customers. We think once you’ve read some of these amazing reviews, you’ll be ready to order! You can place an order today on our website, and we’ll ship it to you for free when you spend $49. With our money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose, so place an order with us today.

So What Makes Synodrin the Best Joint Relief Supplements? October 17 2014

We know that we aren’t the only joint relief supplement on the market today, but we do know that we are making the best joint relief supplements available. That’s because when we set out to develop our joint support products, we make it a goal to provide only the highest quality ingredients and products to our customers. We won’t ever make anything that we wouldn’t take ourselves. Today our product is helping people all over the world feel better and live without joint pain. We’re proud of that, and we plan on continue to sell and improve our products for years to come.

So what makes our supplements better than the rest? It is because our products are filled with ingredients that truly work to promote healthy joints and mobility. There are no filler ingredients that you are throwing your money away on. Everything in our supplements and lotions helps build healthy joints, cartilage, and synovial fluid (the body’s natural lubrication in the joints). That results in better flexibility and a higher level of comfort in your joints during everyday activities as well as exercise and sports.

The key to our supplement is that it targets the source of your pain. Unlike other medications or supplements, it doesn’t just mask the symptoms. That gives you long lasting relief from joint pain instead of temporarily deadening your pain symptoms. Start taking Synodrin today and you’ll quickly see why we’re the best joint relief supplements available today. Place your order on our website for our supplements and lotions and get the relief that you deserve!

How Can the Best Joint Relief Supplements Help You Lose Weight Before the Holidays? October 13 2014

Autumn is officially here again, and that means the holiday season will be in full swing in just a matter of weeks. While it might be a happy time filled with family and fun, for many of us it is also the start of weight gain season. For those suffering from joint pain, the risks of weight gain are even more pronounced. When it hurts to move, you aren’t motivated to get up and go for a jog--or even a walk around the block. That’s why you need to start taking the best joint relief supplements right now so you can avoid holiday weight gain!

By starting Synodrin’s joint support supplements now, the high-quality ingredients will have a chance to start working in your system. Most of our customers experience joint pain relief within 2 to 6 weeks, but some within just a few days. You’ll notice a decrease in your pain levels and inflammation, as well as an increase in your range of motion. That will help you feel more motivated to get up and around, going for walks, participating in a fitness class, even playing in organized sports that you used to enjoy. That increase in activity can help provide even more joint pain relief, helping you feel (and look) your best in time for the holiday season.

Start integrating Synodrin into your daily routine today. You can sign up for our automatic monthly shipment program and save money on your supplements and lotions, plus we’ll make sure you have a supply of the best joint relief supplements on hand month after month. Learn more about our Auto Ship Discount Club on our website today!

Get the Best Joint Relief Supplements for Less! October 10 2014

If you’ve been using Synodrin products for a while, you know that they are truly the best joint relief supplements on the market. As a way to say thank you for being a loyal customer, we’re offering a great way to save on your monthly orders! Simply sign up for our Auto-Ship Discount Club and you’ll be saving on your very first order.

When you join our discount club, we sign you up for a monthly, automatic shipment of Synodrin products right to your door. You’ll never have to worry about reordering again! Instead, we take care of reordering and send you the products you need in order to get joint pain relief. In addition to the easy automatic ordering, we’ll give you over 20% off of the retail price. That means you’ll be saving money on the best joint relief supplements without having to worry about remembering to place your order.

When you are a member of our discount club, we will always ship your order to you for free. We’ll also give you priority processing, meaning that we’ll process your order before regular orders, meaning you’ll run less risk of having your order placed on backorder and having to wait for your joint support supplements to come to you. You can sign up now and get your first order of the best joint relief supplements for an initial trial price of just $29.95. You’ll love how easy our discount club makes it to get your favorite supplements for less!

What Are the Best Joint Relief Supplements for Those With Celiac DIsease? October 06 2014

Celiac disease has received a lot of press (and a lot of criticism) in the recent years, but one thing is for sure: for those living with celiac disease, joint pain is a very real issue. Doctors aren’t really sure why people with this gluten-intolerance often experience joint pain, and their first recommendation is to eliminate gluten entirely from your diet. Unfortunately, seeing the results of a gluten-free diet can take a long, long time. In the meantime, you are left with pain and discomfort in your joints. We have the best joint relief supplements to help you find the relief you need!

Synodrin uses high quality ingredients to create the best joint relief supplements on the market. Our supplements start to work to relieve your joint pain in a matter of two to six weeks, but many of our customers who use our supplements and lotions together experience relief in a matter of days. Our ingredients work by reducing the inflammation in your joints, alleviating the pain that is symptomatic of celiac disease. The ingredients go on to increase the natural lubrication of the joints, helping you freely move without pain or stiffness.

You can view a list of the ingredients including in our Synodrin products on our website. Be sure to check with your doctor before you start taking our supplements. Then you can start taking the best joint relief supplements along with our lotions to start experiencing pain-free living without waiting months for the effects of your gluten-free diet to take effect. Remember that we’ll ship to you for free when you spend $49 or more on your order!

The Best Joint Relief Supplements Come from the Best Ingredients September 29 2014

Many of us are looking for products that will help us age gracefully, and one of the things many of us are dealing with as we grow older is joint pain. As we age, our joints begin to naturally lose some of their lubrication and cushioning. While this is a natural process that comes with growing older, it can cause an unnatural amount of pain. Taking the right supplements can ease your joint pain, but you’ll want to make sure that you are taking a quality product. Finding the best joint relief supplements requires looking for a product that has high quality ingredients.

Take a moment to compare the ingredients found in Synodrin products to other leading joint relief supplements. You’ll quickly see that our supplements have more of each beneficial ingredient included in every dose, giving you more of the helpful ingredients that your body needs to keep your joints lubricated. We carefully source each of these ingredients, too, to ensure that our customers are getting the highest quality ingredients when you take Synodrin products.

If you are getting older and experiencing the impact of joint pain in your life, place an order for Synodrin today. We want you to experience the benefit that taking high quality ingredients can make in the health of your joints. You’ll also see how it can help you age gracefully--and without pain. Order today and get free shipping on your order when you spend $49 or more, and we’ll get your order shipped out to you right away.