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Synodrin® capsules and topical joint pain relief gel are produced by Natural Solutions for Life. We are a family owned business founded by Dave Guyer and headquartered in Robinson, Illinois. We believe that doing right by our customers means providing them with the highest quality products by using the highest quality all natural ingredients available. That’s why all of our products are made right here in the USA and meet the highest quality standards of manufacturing at our cGMP and FDA registered facilities. Our mission is to improve the Quality of Life for those suffering from joint pain and arthritis and to better understand those we want to serve, innovating with products that better serve their needs.

The entire staff here at Natural Solutions for Life is dedicated to providing cutting edge products for all your needs and producing products with ingredients that have been thoroughly tested to insure maximum effectiveness. We strive to gain your trust by providing you with knowledge and understanding of our products so we can work together to achieve your goals. We are so confident that you’ll love our products that we stand behind them with a full 60 day money back guarantee.

Our line of products were derived from the scientific research of Dr. Harry W. Diehl who discovered the chemical compound, Cetyl Myristoleate. Building on that research, we here at Natural Solutions for Life have dedicated our lives to producing a lineup of products that have been proven to reduce joint pain and promote healthy cartilage and mobility. Our revolutionary all natural human health product, Synodrin, is helping people all over the world feel better. Our Synodrin capsules and gel have been scientifically proven, when paired together, to provide faster joint pain and arthritis relief as well as promote healthy joints and mobility, healthy cartilage, better range of motion, and can ease the inflammation in the joints.

At Natural Solutions for Life, our goal is to deal honestly and fairly with our customers by providing them with the best quality premium products on the market, promoting our products without misrepresentation, and backing them with our money back guarantee. If you have any other questions about our company or our products, please visit or FAQ’s page or just give us a call at 855-499-NSFL (6735). We’d love to hear from you!!

Be sure to check out our canine and equine products at naturalstride.com and our livestock products at naturalsolutionsforlivestock.com.