Synodrin Frequently Asked Questions

Is Synodrin Safe?

Synodrin® uses only carefully sourced ingredients of only the highest quality to insure maximum safety and potency.  Thousands of customers benefit from Synodrin® each and every day. 

Does Turmeric interact with blood thinners?

You may have heard that you should not take turmeric with a blood thinner. It is possible that Turmeric may interact with blood thinning drugs, however, one would have to take an excessive amount of turmeric for any interaction to occur (qualified as over 6000mg but could be as much as 12000mg).

Synodrin contains 400mg per serving which makes it safe if taken as directed. Please consult your doctor before taking any supplements. 

Source: Potential Interactions Between Alternative Therapies and Warfarin 
American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, 2000-07-01

Is Synodrin® gluten free?

Yes the product is Gluten Free, without filler or preservatives.

Is Synodrin® shellfish free?

Yes the product is Shellfish Free, without filler or preservatives.

Is Synodrin® made in the USA?

Synodrin® is manufactured in the USA in our cGMP and FDA registered facility under the strictest regulations. Our ingredients are the highest quality available and thoroughly tested to ensure maximum effectiveness. 

How fast does Synodrin® work?

Synodrin® starts working immediately by supporting a health immune response to joint discomfort and damaged cartilage. You should see improvement in your  joint mobility and comfort in just one week.  To experience the full benefits of our system, while strengthening, rebuilding, and lubricating your joints, we recommend using the products for three months minimum. 

What are the Synodrin ingredients?

Our products are the most complete and effective joint supplement currently available on the market. They all include the key ingredient called Immunodrin Omega-5 Fatty Acids which works synergistically with the other ingredients.  Our Triple Action joint supplement formula contains glucosamine, turmeric and Boswellia extract as well as HA (hyaluronic acid)  and black pepper extract to effectively promote healthier joints.

Why should you buy Synodrin? 

If you believe that nothing but the best will do for you, then you should buy Synodrin®. No other product on the market, combined so many high quality ingredients in such an effective way.

What is Immunodrin Omega-5 Fatty Acids? 

Immunodrin Omega-5 Fatty Acid is our proprietary blend of cetylated fatty acids / cetyl myristoleate (CMO), a powerful Omega-5 which is clinically to support a healthy balanced immune response to joint discomfort and decreased mobility. Cetyl Myristoleate is a unique and natural esterified fatty acid that has several properties that make it effective as a support for a healthy immune system and response. It has been shown to soothe joints and been often called the lubricant for joints because of its lubricating qualities. 

How long does it take to receive an order? 

Synodrin is shipped by USPS Priority Mail the day after you order and should be on your doorstep 3 to 5 business days later. Orders placed Friday-Sunday are shipped on Monday (unless it's a holiday).

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping is $4.95 for orders under $45 in the United States.  Free shipping for orders over $45.  

Can I get the item(s) faster? (Express overnight, etc.) 

Yes you can choose whichever method of shipment is appropriate for your needs. Your can have the package shipped overnight if you decide so. 

Can you ship to a P.O. Box? 

Yes, we can ship to P.O. boxes on certain orders. Please keep in mind that UPS or FedEx does not ship to P.O. boxes. Orders will usually ship using the least expensive carrier, which would be USPS, UPS or FedEx.

When will I receive my package?

Orders placed in the United States are shipped the same or the following business day by USPS Priority mail and arrive in 1-5 business days.

Which carriers are available to ship my order? 

We ship all orders by the United States Postal Service. 

How do I check the status of my order? 

If you have ordered online with us, you will receive a tracking number for your order, which will enable you to find out where your shipment is. You can also check the status of your order by calling the Synodrin Customer Service Department at 1-855-527-0866.

How do I order? 

Visit our website at Our online ordering process is secure, quick and easy and we always respect your privacy.

Which credit cards are accepted for the program?

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. We also accept Paypal. 

Can I pay by cash? If so, how?

We apologize but we do not accept cash payments.

What company name will appear on my credit card statement?

Natural Solutions for Life or Synodrin

How can I be sure that my information is safe and secure?

Your order is processed using our 128-bit security encryption. This makes our order processing 128 times more secure than when you use your card at the grocery store. 

Are your testimonials real?

All individuals featured on our webpage are real people who have experienced real success using Synodrin®. They have signed legal consent forms to allow us to showcase their success on our websites and promotional materials. 

Will Synodrin® cause a problem with my other medication? 

There are no side effects or drug interactions known to this date, and that's after these ingredients have been used for over 30 years. Some of the ingredients have been used for literally thousands of years. However, we always recommend that you consult with your doctor before starting any type of supplements.

What if Synodrin® doesn't work?

Unlike most businesses, Synodrin covers you for a full 60 days starting from the date the product was shipped to you. If you're not 100% satisfied with your results, simply attain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number from our Customer Service Department and send us back your unused portion for a full refund. Please note that shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. Customer service comes first at Synodrin. 

How and where do I send a return?

In order to receive a full refund, you must contact our customer service department at ( Our customer service team will give you a Return Merchandise Authorization number and return shipping instructions.