Synodrin Immunodrin for Joint Health


Immunodrin® is a powerful Omega-5, our proprietary blend of CFAs (cetylated fatty acids). Immunodrin ingredients are clinically proven to maintain a healthy immune system, promote a healthy inflammatory response, as well as lubricate the joints.  Immunodrin® is the primary active ingredient in all our joint health products. 

How does Immunodrin® work to improve joint health?

First, you'll notice a lessening in joint stiffness, especially first thing in the morning. You might notice this in as little as 2 weeks, but for some people it might take up to 4 weeks. 

Around the same time you notice less stiffness, you should see a change in the swelling around your joints. 

Immunodrin®  does not treat symptoms, and it is not a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory medicine or steroid. It has been successful for a large percentage of people in clinical trials, but might not be effective for everyone.  Our strategy in formulating Immunodrin® was to support your body's natural immune response so that your immune system doesn't attack your joints.  Immunodrin is also designed to inhibit inflammation.  Once your immune system is supported, the attack on your joints stop and the joint pain and joint inflammation should be significantly relieved. 

Learn more about all of the science and the clinical trials here.

We recommend using Synodrin's fast-acting pain relief gel or lidocaine cream for immediate, targeted relief and then also using our supplements daily in order to get maximum benefit from our products. 


Health Disclaimer 
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