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Relieved my joint pain

Relieved my joint painI'm glad I found this company. I was using a different product and it alleviated some of my pain, the biggest problem was the cost. I'm glad I made the switch! With the money back guarantee there was nothing to lose and I was able to purchase both the daily supplement along with the fast acting lotion at a much better price than the other product. I'm a former college athlete and I still like to stay active but it takes its toll on the body, I hate the pain, but I love to stay fit. Synodrin® helps me do just that while keeping more money in my pocket

Chris, Chicago IL

worked quickly to relieve joint painI found out about Synodrin® about 2 months ago and decided to try both the gel and capsules. I was amazed how fast I was able to feel some relief in my back and shoulders. The gel made the pain bearable within a few hours and the capsules made my entire body better in a couple of weeks.

John, Wichita KS

made a huge difference in my joint comfort levelAs a long distance runner, my knees and ankles have been hurting for a long time now.  Synodrin® has made a huge difference in my comfort level and I recommend it to all my friends.

Steve, Sacramento CA

joint supplement workedMy hands and feet feel so much better now that I am on Synodrin®. I had tried so many other supplements before but nothing worked as well. The gel is really great too!

Mary, Houston TX

joint pain is goneI can’t remember the last time my hips and knee didn’t hurt. Synodrin® works for me and my pain is gone. It’s great to be able to play with my grand children again.

Beth, Boca Raton FL

can I just say wow joint reliefCan I just say WOW! I've had severe joint pain for many years now and nothing has worked quite like this product. I came across Synodrin® joint relief a month or so ago at a tradeshow of all places. I started out using the capsules and in like two or three weeks I started noticing a significant reduction in pain. After I noticed this, I called the company to order some more, the lady that I spoke to was very helpful. I ended up ordering another bottle of Synodrin® along with their gel. The gel works almost instantly... it WORKS. I use the gel as needed and the capsules daily and I couldn't be happier. Thank you Synodrin®!

Julie, Columbus OH

Relieved my joint painI got this for my grandfather-in-law’s arthritis in his hand and foot. The usual creams have a lot of menthol-type ingredients that heat up and burn his sensitive skin, smell awful, and leave behind a greasy residue. This cream doesn't have any of that! It does not have a strong smell, there is no heating/cooling when you apply it, and best of actually works! He uses it multiple times a day and says it significantly reduces the swelling and pain. There is no greasy residue and it doesn't stain his clothing or the couch. Now he reaches for this instead of his prednisone when it starts to flare back up.

Kevin, Florida


Relieved my joint painReceived my pain relief gel on time and intact, with no leakage. The scent is not very strong which is a good thing. It lists aloe vera and vitamin E which are 2 ingredients I really like. The gel goes on smooth and dries relatively quick. I did not feel a very strong heat sensation, but that might be because I use it mostly in the area of my 2 knee replacements. Just be sure to wash your hands so you don't rub any on your face like I have a tendency to do. Within a short time, my discomfort is gone.

B., Ohio


Relieved my joint painThis is a very good lotion for my joints, I can use my shoulders more. My range of motion sure has improved since taking it. I’m not so stiff in the mornings as before. It started working immediately. The gel numbs the area that has pain. I have deep muscle pain in my shoulders and have been looking for a good cream since pills don't always work. It has a menthol smell, but I love that. This product helps me maintain full motion with a significant reduction in pain.. I fully recommend it!!  

Jenn, online review

Relieved my joint painWow, 10 stars!! I've had major back, neck, left arm and 2 knee surgeries. Plus, I have an inoperable cyst on my spine. I put this gel on, as soon as it arrived. I was already pretty achy, as it was late in the day. I received instant relief!! Even after I took a shower, I still felt relaxed and pain-free. Great stuff!!

Deb, San Diego, CA

Relieved my joint painI work with my hands a lot and so sometimes I have a bit of pain, so I'm always on the lookout for products that can help ease my symptoms and get me back to working on art, sculpture, writing, and gaming as quickly as possible.
This arthritis and muscle pain relief gel came in a small capped tube that twists off, and the first thing I noticed upon opening it was that it was less smelly than similar products. It still has a menthol scent, mind you, but I didn’t feel like a walking box of peppermints when I applied it. For even that small grace, I am thankful.
I was having some pain in my lower arms and shoulder so I squeezed some of the gel out of the tube, which is the consistency of a creamy white lotion, and then rubbed it on the affected areas. This gel felt slightly cool while first applied, but it gently warmed over the course of a few minutes. Unlike some other products that are extremely thick or greasy, this one absorbed into my skin fairly well. You could still feel it was there, but it wasn't really visible anymore, and while you could also smell it, it wasn't overwhelming.
I could feel it taking effect within about fifteen minutes or so, and even up to a few hours later I could still feel the benefits. I was very impressed with this gel and glad I took the chance to try it, because it will now be a staple of my medicine cabinet for when I'm looking for pain relief. I would definitely recommend you consider giving it a try if you're looking for a natural topical gel for arthritis and muscle pain relief.


Relieved my joint painI suffer from arthritis and am always looking for something to help with the pain during my flare-ups and to some degree it does. It helped alieve some of the discomfort, probably not all of it but I don't know of any over the counter product that does. I would use this again and again to help with my discomfort. My husband used it on a pulled muscle in his shoulder and also felt relief from the pain

A., online review

Relieved my joint painI got this product not for any arthritis pain but for muscle pain relief. The other day after doing some hardcore workouts at home, I was feeling the pain in my lower back. I knew exactly which exercises caused that. It was a perfect opportunity to test this product, and it did not disappoint. After removing the safety seal/cap, squeezing the tube comes out this somewhat creamy gel. I put it on my hand, closed the safety seal, rubbed my two hands together, and applied it directly onto my skin. Immediately you can smell that menthol smell, to me it is actually quite pleasant. It was not very strong/overwhelming. Within less than a minute, I felt a "cool" feeling. Then a few minutes later after it absorbed into my skin, I had a "warm" feeling. Both sensations were normal, and actually for the "warm" part (I normally don't like this part) it wasn't that warm/uncomfortable. Within 10 minutes the pain in my back diminished greatly. I won't say it was completely gone, it went maybe from pain of about 7-8 to about 2. The only "flaw" with this is it's somewhat of a "band-aid"; it wears off within couple hours and I have to keep re-applying, but that is the case with all pain relief gels/lotions. Overall I recommend it."


Relieved my joint painI LOVE my Synodrin® Natural Arthritis And Muscle Pain Relief Gel/Cream!! I am a runner and a hiker and get terribly sore muscles and joints. I started using this for a muscle relaxer and then added it for my sore joints. This, to me, is more of a cream than a gel. It has a smooth consistency and you feel it beginning to work as soon as you put it on. It has a wonderful tingling sensation! It absorbed well and had no greasy or tacky feeling to it. It also has a very pleasant scent, like menthol, but no where near the intensity of Icy Hot (which I had to stop using because of the strong odor). The more you massage it in, the deeper you massage it, I find it can helps even the sorest joints!

Jynx, Brocksville, OH